This is me with the best pet ever, rufMONSTER

I guess one could consider this an introduction post. I'm Tara. I play roller derby, ride my bike, and use public transportation. I haven't own a car since June 2008. Oil is better off in the ground then in the air. Just recently, I became a cycle commuter going to and from work on my bike. It's sometimes a hassle, so I can definitely see it as one of the main topics for this blog.

One of the primary influences for this blog was the documentary "No Impact Man". I'll attempt to recreate some of the aspects of the 'no impact' lifestyle in challenges for myself. The first one will be a 7 day reflection of how much garbage I dispose of during that time frame. The goal, of course, will be to recognize some of my habits and to try to change my behavior by lowering the amount of disposable products I use.

I'm a vegan. I'm also a wreck in the kitchen. I swear, I could burn cereal if it were possible. However, learning and growing are a process. And all processes are more appealing when pictures accompany them.

Finally, the final focus of this blog will be on my craftoholic nature. I love creating. I love reaching into the far stretches of my imagination. Swapping goes hand in hand with my crafting. I started using Swap-Bot.com(@TARAism) earlier this year and I have officially fallen in love.

To recap, this blog will be about lowering my environmental impact, general fitness, vegan recipes, crafting, and swapping. It's basically my journey through day to day life and I hope to interact with like-minded people along the way.

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