3. Recipes of disaster

I'm finally going to take my USB cord to GB's house so I don't have to wait so long to upload pictures.

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen the past few days. I love looking new recipes and I like them even more when they turn out awesome. VegWeb.com is like my culinary savior.

Tofu Alfredo


The most useful happening of this recipe was that I found out that fettuccine is a type of noodle. Who know? I usually don't like recipes that use tofu as a cheese substitute (and this was no exception). Tofu is just way too bland for me. I lover all the vegetables in it, but there is no way this concoction made me think "Mmm fettuccine". I'm sure if we added nutritional yeast originally it would have tasted it, but the only place that sells the yeast here was across town and would take too long on a bike. For the leftovers, I added vegan cream cheese. We bought some specifically for this purpose. It made it taste a hundred time better. Next time, I don't plan on adding that much parsley.

Carrot Hashbrowns


We made too much in general, so they didn't fry in the way they were suppose to in the pan. Also, two much carrot. The carrot is what overpowers the taste. Typically, I don't like carrot with my fried potatoes, but it seems healthy. I'd make this again with a modified recipe.

Thai Tempeh Pizza


We made two pizzas this night, but I only have pictures of the one. (Damn, camera battery was exhausted). I really wanted to try this for two reasons. 1. We both had never tried tempeh. 2. PEANUT SAUCE. The biggest lesson o today was convectional bake is different regular bake. Oops. Lesson learned even though I'm not sure if it had any affect over the pizza. I thought it came out delicious. Really filling, sweet overall taste, the vegetables are always a plus. We added mushrooms to this.

However, this pizza was trumped the the BBQ "Chicken" Pizza. This was my favorite out of all of the above. The only modification was using cheddar cheese instead of mozerella.


The best part about this was the fact that we even made our own crust. Two whole pizzas from scratch!


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