9. Surprising Crafts

I know. I'm totally late in sending this swap out. But only cause I have a really hard time planning my day to reach the post office in time. Oh well, it went out today and is only two business days late :)

This was for "Surprise your partner with your craft swap". I obviously choose to make a duct tape wallet. I try some new things that I think came out perfect. I also made an ATC for my partner, but since it has her name on it, I'm a little weary of posting it on the ~interwebs. My partner sent my first dotee doll and two awesome ATCs.

This is the front. I tried to make them look like red sunflowers, but I'm horrible at creating flowers.

This is when it is opened. TONS of pocket space!

The inside. Two more pockets added for good measure.

The out side opened up.

A close up of the back.

And finally, the zipper! This was the first time I attempted a zipper. It was a little difficult, but I will definitely do it again.

A few people I work with want one now. This happened a few years ago when I worked at Curry. I don't mind making them, but I refuse to sell them. Once money becomes involved, it starts to resemble a job. I hate work, so every wallet I make it purely a gift. It was made because I WANTED to, not because I was paid to make it.

Also, everyone should be looking forward to a future blog I'll be working on that deals with the "I'm a Blogger, Follow me" swap :D


  1. For some reason when you said, "it starts to resembe a job" I laughed out loud because I feel like that with things sometimes. "Oh no, this cooking dinner every night is starting to feel like a job"... and then we have taco bell for 7 nights in a row. Lol.

    LOVE the zipper, I've never seen one on a tape wallet before!

  2. That purse looks amazing, and I can see the amount of kindness you put into it. Well done for creating it! I love the flower, it's pure genius and very pretty. :) Stopping by from Swap bot, I'm a blogger follow me. Your not actually one of my partners, but I'd thought I'd visit anyway. Great blog you have here, very creative. Much love from Ana Goncalves (on swap-bot)

  3. What an incredible idea! It occurs to me now that since there are so many colors of duct tape now, you could get super creative.

    I'm curious, are the bags entirely duct tape or are you using some kind of reusable bag?

    BTW-I'm one of your partners in the I'm a Blogger, Follow Me Swap. I'm following you via the google link but I've also got you added as a link on my blog. My swap=bot id is midwestknitgirl.

    I'll be back - you have some fun things going on here and I want to see more!

    Enjoy your day,

  4. Woohoo, how cool and creative!!!!! Great description and pics!!!! :D

    I found your blog via swapbot, my user id is angeldiva and now I am following you!! (Sounds creepy doesn't it? LOL)