10. I'm a blogger, Follow me part 1

This swap was to interact with more blogs. To follow 10 blogs and have 10 blogs follow you. That's a chance to gain insight to 20 new blogs! It was really cool that so many people joined this swap. It's unifying, in a way, because it shows that we all are looking for a way to connect with more people.

This is the first half of the blogs I plan on featuring. The next half will be up tomorrow :D. Enjoy & happy swapping.


The layout is so playful! My favorite entry so far is the one where she takes in baby sheep! It's complete with pictures and it's super adorable. To be honest, all the pictures in this blog are pretty stunning. I'm really looking forward to reading more because I'm really into learning about small family farms because of their sustainability in the world. Super self-sufficient and I think that's awesome!


This blog is really informative and open. I'm not a mother, so I feel I can't relate as others may be able. However, this should be considerate an excellent resource! There are many articles on breastfeeding and parenting. The recipe for those cupcakes looks incredible!


This layout was neat too! I thought the info for this blog was really funny and to the point. I like how open this blog is. It's super inviting into her live and I think that's interesting. And of course, I'm excited for more craft talk from this lady.


Ah, the mastermind behind this swap :D. I love that I got to see behind the scenes of this swap. Making it as one of the top swaps is really a big deal! The little pictures throughout the posts are fun and interesting. I like that she enjoys recipes cause I do too! This should be great!


Love, love, love the colors o this layout! And she's living in the town that my best friends live in! Double win! I really enjoy the thoroughness of her writing. All of the craft projects that I've seen on here seems super fun and seem family oriented. Even the blog's name has me intrigued and inspired.

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  1. Thanks very much for the visit, the comment and the mention! I'm surprised how the layout colors came together. I am not really a "green" person. More of blues, like my profile pic. Appreciate the compliment.
    Congrats on the first ten posts, seems like you're really on a run. And great job on the duct tape wallet - I am impressed. One lucky swap partner you had!