I finally moved into dream school. Hence, why the lack of update. I've settled into my little niche, which I learned in Ecology means "my role in the environment". Before I went, my parents thought we should go camping. Mediocre hilarity ensues.

The Place


Twin and her doggie

Twin and I

My parents said no pictures of them on the internet. Before winter 2004, my stepmom never even thought to utter this words. Then Twin snapped an unflattering picture of B eating eggs and making a face. It's now said every time a picture is taken, unflattering or not. The infamous egg picture has yet to leave my photobucket.



Bike riding

Camp Fires

Some of us were more happy to leave than others

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  1. Hello there! I love these photos, esp. those with cute doggies!

    p.s. I'm commenting via swap-bot swap (I'm Shaluna there too) and I'm sorry I'm so very late. :/